The best speeds for your personal websites in the US, Canada and Latin America

In case you’re running multi–media web sites aimed towards viewers residing in the US, Canada or even Latin America, then look at our datacenter in the USA, which offers excellent virtual hosting conditions to suit your requirements.

The datacenter in the USA boasts an important position in downtown Chicago and serves quite a few of the most significant telecom companies in the US. Along with total redundancy in power and network connectivity, the datacenter supplies an excellent hosting environment for all your demanding sites and apps.

To make use of the datacenter in the USA, only select it on the sign up form alongside the Linux VPS Server which you want. Our admins are going to create the server for you totally free and they will configure an Operating System that you pick. At the same time, they are going to carry out once–a–week off–site backups of your VPS and will warrant a 99.9% network uptime.

Other US Hosting Services

The US data center is equipped with an amazing base, that permits us to present various types of web hosting services along with Virtual Private Servers.

Within the data center you will find US Based Cloud Website Hosting plans, which can be excellent if you desire to host a simple blog or portfolio site, or possibly a reasonably popular e–store. Our cloud website hosting offers include a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a cost–free domain registration and infinite disk space & traffic quotas. US Based Semi-dedicated Plans are offered. They are the smartest choice if you want more power than an ordinary cloud website hosting package can provide, yet dedicated servers are too difficult to take care of and require a lot of maintenance on your part. The semi–dedicated servers come with large CPU and MySQL database storage space allocations, causing them to be made for popular sites with thousands of monthly visitors. For those who need something far more powerful, we provide you with US Based Dedicated Web Hosting Plans. By using a dedicated server, it’s possible to host any website or web app that you want, regardless how CPU–intensive or resource–demanding it can be.