Dependable server components

We, at Wana Website Hosting, have paid attention to every component of our dedicated server configurations to ensure that you get a powerful hosting platform for your ever–growing website hosting necessities.

The majority of hosting companies on the market offer dedicated web hosting plans that are equipped with the newest hardware. This might seem like a great asset, but practice has confirmed that brand–new hardware is more vulnerable to glitches and bugs and offers limited software support.

Wana Website Hosting’s foremost concern is to offer you a reliable dedicated web hosting plans for as long as possible, so we give our best to integrate the very best hardware elements in every server setup.

Complete root/administrator access

Your dedicated server will be all yours, so we will offer you full root access to the machine. With full root access, you’ll have complete autonomy to change and update anything on your dedicated server. You will be able to set up new software apps, to make configuration changes to the Apache server and even to install a whole new OS.

And in case you need assistance working with your dedicated server, our technical support team will be happy to help. We’re at your disposal 24/7/365 and we offer a 60–minute customer support ticket response time guarantee.

Online Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin

We offer a number of Control Panels with your dedicated server, which means that you can easily take absolute control of your web sites. At signup, you can choose between the cPanel Control Panel ($30/per month), the DirectAdmin Control Panel (free) and Wana Website Hosting’s custom–made Online Control Panel, which is included for free with your dedicated server.

The Online Control Panel offers you an intuitive interface and a bunch of website accelerators to boost the speed of your websites. With cPanel, you’ll get a recognizable interface for managing your sites and also the WHM software as a gift. The next Control Panel option – DirectAdmin, features a variety of cost–free modules, which will help you convert your server into a mail server or a game server.

Each hosting Control Panel requires a specific Linux version. DirectAdmin and cPanel need CentOS to work, while Wana Website Hosting’s Online Control Panel needs Debian. You can select your Linux distribution on the signup page.

Optional Admin Services

If, at one point, dealing with your dedicated server begins to seem just too much for you, we’ve got an ideal solution – the Optional Admin Services package.

With Wana Website Hosting’s Optional Admin Services package, you can have our admins keep a constant eye on your server. Plus, your dedicated server will be integrated into Wana Website Hosting’s cutting–edge server surveillance system, thanks to which we will be informed if something goes wrong with your server.

Aside from monitoring procedures, the Optional Admin Services package also includes OS updates and automated server backups.

24/7/365 technical support

With every dedicated server, you’ll be offered access to Wana Website Hosting’s splendid 24/7 support team. We, at Wana Website Hosting, offer a one–hour trouble ticket response guarantee, so all your questions will be responded to within just 1 hour. And our average support ticket response time is less than 20 minutes!

This is possible owing to Wana Website Hosting’s highly capable tech support engineers. Each one of them has no less than several years of experience in the hosting business. And they routinely attend various training courses to further improve their skills in different spheres. This way, they are ready to reply to any inquiry and to address any issue that you could have with your dedicated server.