Increased CPU Quotas

More Power for your Apps and Websites ...

If common Shared Web Hosting Accounts can no longer support your CPU hungry Websites, than a Semi - Dedicated Server is simply the option for you. With Wana Website Hosting, you can receive a Semi - Dedicated Plan with substantial CPU 'utilization allocations' that’ll be ready to hold your Sites and Web Applications and stop them from going down in 'top usage moments'. And also since you simply share the Web Server with several other consumers, even when somebody goes over their designated CPU amount, this will not impact the performance of the machine.
Increased CPU quotas

Increased MySQL Queries

Host busy MySQL tables without problems ...

Along with drastically greater CPU allocations, the Semi Dedicated Plans are available with a great number of assigned MySQL queries. This will help you maintain more 'resource hungry' Apps and Websites without needing to concern yourself with any eventual 'service interruptions'. Our Semi Dedicated Plans have various amounts of MySQL queries, which means you can choose the configuration that matches your current and future Database Processing Demands.
Increased MySQL queries

USA Data Center

A 'top of the line' USA Data Center

Our Semi Dedicated Plans are situated in a modern Datacenter in the USA that is found in Chicago, Illinois. It offers 'outstanding connectivity' with the world, meaning that all Websites and Applications working on our US Semi Dedicated Plans will be powered with optimal Data Transfer Speeds. The Datacenter in the USA ensures perfect Web Hosting conditions that helped us set up our own Internal Network with customized 'computer hardware installation'. Also, Network stability is warranted by way of a crew of experts who execute server supervising and problem solving 24 hours a day.
USA Data Center

Online Control Panel

Manage your sites with just á click of your mouse ...

It’s now 'pain free' to manage your sites with the next–generation Web Application Installer that we have assembled for you with 'user friendliness' into account. Control your files with easy 'drag & drop' actions, register, transfer and control a variety of Domain Names from one and the same area, create eMail addresses straight away, run 'mailing list initiatives' in 'no time', make and access your Databases with á click, control 'site stat reports' in real time, etcetera ... Enhanced programs such as a Framework Installation Software, an .htaccess generator and a 'hotlink protection application' are added as well.
Online Control Panel